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[ mood | aggravated ]

I don't understand why everything I say around her is wrong. Jesus Christ just let me have my own opinion. She looks at me like I'm stupid when I say things, and then she looks around as if everyone should agree that I'm stupid too.

gah. I don't know how much more I can take of rude people.


so this is what it feels like to have an adult christmas

....i wish i was a kid again.

I can see this ending
a lot faster than i would have hoped.

I don't want curly hair anymore
that's it.

[ mood | pathetic ]

i hate being.

i'm scared for school
but i don't think i can take another day of summer


I bought an iPod, it's pretty dank. I love it, it's black and Sleek and 30G of one hot mamma jamma.

loooooove it.
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